Expert empowered design
backed by strategy.




Through market and consumer research, we develop a brand strategy to create your project deliverables. We present multiple concepts for your review, finalizing your approved design.


All items have been finalized and you’re ready to show the world! We provide you with all file formats and a user guide so you may present your brand’s new design with confidence.


Why choose AgLine Design?
In today’s world agriculture is often misunderstood and misrepresented. We understand the agriculture industry and the demands of its consumers, applying effective design and communication techniques to establish your brand.

Why is branding important?
One of the best investments you can make for your business is building a strong brand foundation. A consistent visual identity and voice increases your value, creates customer loyalty, and sets you apart from competitors.

What businesses do you work with?
We strive to work with agriculture businesses and related industries. Whether you have a startup or a seasoned business, we can help you build a durable brand through extensive research and a bullet-proof strategy.

How long do projects take?
Depending on deliverables within your package, projects typically take 2-6 weeks to complete. A detailed timeline as well as other project information will be provided in your welcome packet after your consultation and onboarding.

How much do your services cost?
Our design packages and project quotes are customized for each business. To secure your project slot, a 50% deposit will be taken up front and the rest of your payment will be invoiced after project completion.


Are you ready to transform your business into a powerful brand?